Jun 28, 2009


Missy Elliot is a writer, performer, heavy duty producer, but who would've thought behind all her talents and accomplishments she had to endure this??

A movie of Missy's life is in the middle of being produced and the details of her childhood is all so sad!!

Missy, who's from Virginia, lived with her mother who was repeatedly abused by her father, while Missy was raped multiple times by an older cousin when she was a child.

Missy recently spoke with Elle Magazine about the bio-pic saying, "It's happening; I've just got to find a great writer because I wouldn't want my story watered down. I went through a lot, and I accomplished a lot, and I want people to know how it all went down.”

Did every entertainer have a bad childhood??? So wrong and so sad. But I can't wait to see it.

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