Sep 29, 2009


Derrion Albert was a 16-year-old honor student from Chicago going to a community center he always attends after school. On the day of this brutal attack, he went to the location at the same time a gang fight was happening!

Captured in part on a cell phone video, the video shows Derrion. an innocent bystander, being knocked unconscious when he was first struck in the head with a board and then punched in the face by a second person. He regained consciousness and was trying to get up when he was attacked a second time by five people and was struck in the head with a board again and then stomped in the head till he laid dead. . .

Since the killers faces were captured on the video, they were identified, arrested and admitted to the crime.

Tragic. Unbelievable. Unnecessary . . . So sad. . .


Beef is all up in the streets & Monique is the one riding the hater train this time around and she's goin at Keri Hilson!

Monique took to her Twitter to address the Turn Me On Remix, in which the lyrics seemingly took shots at Beyonce & Ciara. She calls Keri a skinny ass bird and a Ciara copycat.

Mo', mama, Keri Hilson wrote most of Ciara's songs! Pipe down!

In the recent issue of Hip Hop Weekly, Lloyd talks about his former high school pal Ciara.

Lloyd says he cut all ties with Ciara because he's convinced finding fame has changed her for the worst!

The star befriended Ciara when they were both teenagers living in Atlanta, Georgia but Lloyd admits he has since lost touch with Ciara, hinting her ego has gotten the better of her.

Lloyd tells the magazine, "I don't fcuk with Hollywood bitches and she's like one of the chicks that's just changed along the way with the fame and the money and all of that. I don't really get down with her anymore on some real shit. The truth hurts, but it will set you free. But I wish her all the best."

She's a nobody now Lloyd. I'm sure you guys can be friends again.


Weezy turned 27 on Sunday and the boy had to go all out!

Last year he received a million dollars in cash from Baby, so how did his daddy outdo himself this year??

By tattooing Wayne's birthdate on his mural of an arm, gave him a cake dripped in diamonds and a $1 million Chopard watch!

Happy bday mang! Rich ass fools.


Even after Michael's untimely death on June, 25, 2009, the King has been breaking records musically left and right and now he can add the movies into the mix!

London, where Mike was set to make his comeback for his This Is It Tour, has already sold out all their tickets for the movie within 24 hours; with Tokyo and Sydney having similar outcomes since the pre-released tickets went on sale!

Reports are saying This Is It, which Sony acquired the rights to, has sold $1 million worth of tickets already and the movies not out for another month!

"With reports still coming in from nations around the world, it is believed no movie in history has generated so many ticket sales so far in advance of its release." Sony said.

Remember the flick is only out for 2 weeks so good luck on gettin a ticket!

Only Michael Jackson can do it like this . . .


Lindsay Lohan & Beyonce were both in Singapore for the F1 Rocks Concert. While Lindsay was set to host the event, Beyonce was there to perform. However things got really uncomfortable backstage in the dressing rooms!

Apparently, Lindsay requested a big dressing room for herself & did not get it. Instead, she opted to take Beyonce's room! But when Bey showed up with her entourage of 70, Lindsay was immediately kicked out and wasn't too happy about it!

Sources also say that the temperature reached a smoltering 90 degrees backstage but Beyonce requested that none of the AC fans could be turned on; only until when she was performing.

That's kinda cruel chica!

Yahoo News reported that Beyonce had a 139 page rider (requests made by an artist prior to a performance) which included 6 beauty chambers, champagne & vodka, fitness equipment, authentic fruit platter and tea and honey to name a few.

Nicole Scherzinger, who was originally suppose to host the concert, was also there with her man Formula 1 Racer Lewis Hamilton.

As for Lindsay, be happy you even have a job!!!