Sep 29, 2009


Lindsay Lohan & Beyonce were both in Singapore for the F1 Rocks Concert. While Lindsay was set to host the event, Beyonce was there to perform. However things got really uncomfortable backstage in the dressing rooms!

Apparently, Lindsay requested a big dressing room for herself & did not get it. Instead, she opted to take Beyonce's room! But when Bey showed up with her entourage of 70, Lindsay was immediately kicked out and wasn't too happy about it!

Sources also say that the temperature reached a smoltering 90 degrees backstage but Beyonce requested that none of the AC fans could be turned on; only until when she was performing.

That's kinda cruel chica!

Yahoo News reported that Beyonce had a 139 page rider (requests made by an artist prior to a performance) which included 6 beauty chambers, champagne & vodka, fitness equipment, authentic fruit platter and tea and honey to name a few.

Nicole Scherzinger, who was originally suppose to host the concert, was also there with her man Formula 1 Racer Lewis Hamilton.

As for Lindsay, be happy you even have a job!!!

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