Jun 29, 2009


I'm sure everyone watched the BET Awards that went down yesterday. The channel paid homage to the great Michael Jackson, refining the whole show in a matter of days.

Well since that was the case, I guess the BET network gets a pass because if they took a month to plan out the event, they would have done a horrible job. But nonetheless, Michael was honored.

Overall, the show wasn't all that. It was just okay. I expected it to be the best of the best, one to go down in the history books but I was let down. Aside from the Michael tribute, there was nothing fabulous about it.

The performances were just okay, some were wack, nothing outstanding and the energy in the room seemed depleted. Why? I do not know. *shrugs

The only parts of the show that stood out to me or what I could remember off the top is Lebron James winning Sports Athlete of The Year, Tiny coming on stage to accept T.I's award but being unable to understand her because she was just plain ol' ghetto, Janet coming out on stage, New Edition's rendition of the Jackson 5, with Bobby Brown thinking he's back the 80's instead of coming to terms with who he really is now. Ummm did anything else happen??? lol The performances were that terrible that I can't even remember more then 3 of em! The Young Money crew closed the show and it was suppose to be a bang, but ended up more like a toot if you ask me. Jamie tried to keep the crowd hype troughout the night but it obviously wasn't working too well lol. He did his thing though.

Butttt, I'm not gonna totally hate on the whole thing, there were some memorable moments:

LMAO. To those who don't know, Sheneneh (Martin Lawrence) is an infamous character he played on his show Martin and Wanda (Jamie Foxx) was a character on the hilarious sketch comedy show I grew up on called In Living Color. I wish this was real! For a second I thought it could've been! Oh mah goooo'nesss.

Beyonce doing Ave Maria/Angel as a tribute to MJ. She looked stunning and made me tear when she sang the verse from Angel. She could have had me balling outta control if she decided to put photos of Mike on the jumbotron behind her though. There wouldn't be a dry eye in the room if she did!:

Now this right here had me crying, especially when the camera showed the audience's reactions to the song and once again, the photos of Michael in the background helped to bring it all together. Janet's surprise appearance and her speech made me feel her pain =(. She didn't say much, but that raw emotion and hurt is apparent. Makes me cry just watching this video again! It was beautifully sung:

Ohhh it's so emotional!! =(((

On the stupid side, the Jackson's crazy daddy Joe Jackson showed up to the awards show and did a red carpet interview with CNN. Is it me, or does he not seem saddened about his son's death? And why the hell is he plugging his new record label?????? Are you friggan kidding??? Some thing's just doesn't change!!!

What a loser!!!

And to end this off, I wasn't floored by Hov's performance of D.O.A at the show. Surprise surprise huh? Hey I could admit if a performance was bad! It could've been a lot better. When Jamie introduced him, the audience didn't seem that excited like they would've been if they were all from Brooklyn. I turned the TV off after the show ended and didn't know that his D.O.A Death of Autotune video premiered!! Well here it is.

What a don. I frickin loves it!!!!!

For more footage of the awards show or celebrity photos, you can visit www.BET.com.

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