Jun 29, 2009


The blogs are going nuts because of a Tweet by what one of the dancers who was suppose to perform with Chris Brown said on their Twitter.

The dancer pretty much blames Jay-Z for the cancellation of Chris Brown's tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards last night. As you may, know he was set to perform and was even advertised on BET's website saying he was set to open the show!

Reportedly, Hov still has bad blood for the smooth dancer over the whole Rihanna ordeal and heard of Breezy's plan to pay a tribute to the legend. Jay-Z told BET execs that if Chris Brown was to perform, both him and Beyonce would not take part in the show festivites.

I gotta disagree with you on this Hov. What occurred between Rihanna and Chris Brown has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson. The night was in rememberance of the legend and to honor his work and music. The night was not the Jay-Z Awards. You had no right to do that! Chris Brown saw Mike as his idol, wanted to pay his respect and had every right to take that stage! Your performance was mediocre.

Damn. Chris Brown should've performed! I think a dance number was what the show was lacking! There weren't any dance tributes of any kind. You know Breezy woulda killed it!!!!

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