Jun 29, 2009


So according to the Associated Press, Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who was Michael's private doctor and performed CPR on him did it the wrong way, a Jackson family confidant claimed yesterday. The source claims that the doctor found Michael on the floor in his rented Los Angeles mansion and put him in a bed. The problem is though when administering CPR on someone, you must put them against a hard surface.

"Michael was on the floor first, and they put him on the bed, and then started compressions on the bed," said the source, who had spoken to a Jackson relative. "What kind of doctor is that?"

In a transcript of the 911 call, the person seeking help says Jackson is "on the bed." The dispatcher says, "OK, let's get him down to the floor."

Edward Chernoff, a lawyer for Murray, yesterday said the doctor found Jackson in his bed with a faint pulse.

He told The Associated Press that Dr. Murray was at the pop icon's mansion Thursday afternoon when he discovered Jackson and immediately began administering CPR with his hand behind his back to provide the necessary support because Jackson was so frail.

"He just happened to find him in his bed, and he wasn't breathing," the lawyer said. "Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse."

Murray, who spoke to the LAPD for three hours on Saturday, is a licensed MD and specializes in cardiology, although he is not board-certified. Officers called Murray a witness to the tragedy and not a suspect in Michael's death.

Jackson hired Murray last month as he prepared for a grueling 50-date concert series in London that had been set to start in July.

Chernoff also said Murray never prescribed or gave Jackson the powerful painkillers Demerol or OxyContin. He denied reports suggesting Murray gave Jackson an injection of Demerol shortly before his death.

"One of his best friends just died, essentially in his arms — yeah, he's looking forward to telling his story," Chernoff said, regarding his client's request not to speak publicly until after the investigation.

"Dr. Murray has never prescribed nor administered Demerol to Michael Jackson," Chernoff said. "Not ever. Not that day. Not OxyContin for that matter."

The truth will come out soon.

His dancing is so hot!! The boy definitely has rhythm!! *sigh. Such a talent lost. . .

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