Jul 6, 2009


I hope you all had a wonderful 4th pf July. I know I certainly did! Great times.

Moving on to the good stuff!! Lots of things happened over the course of the holiday weekend and I'm going to try my best to post all the ones that I feel are the most blog worthy!

Starting with the one & only Michael Jackson. Michael's public memorial is going to be held tomorrow at the Staples Center and it will surely be one set for the record books!

  • The service is going to be broadcasted on all major TV networks and is expected to draw in close to a million fans to the center. The LAPD and other officials will be trying their very best to contain the crowds just in case it gets out of hand. However, some officers believe that the capacity crowd expected will out number their entire force! Let's see how this turns out tomorrow and see how many people will show up when over 500 million hits were made on the Staples Center website after the news broke that the memorial would be held at the location. You be the judge of how many will gather to see the King of Pop.

Ron Boyd (family friend), Kobe Bryant, Mariah Carey, Andrae Crouch Choir; Barry Gordy, Jennifer Hudson, Shaheen Jafargholi (finalist on Britain’s Got Talent), Magic Johnson, Martin Luther King III, Bernice A. King, John Mayer, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Brooke Shields, Pastor Lucious Smith (family friend), Usher and Stevie Wonder are all participants in the service tomorrow.

  • On the investigation side, police are looking to question 5 doctors who may have prescribed or given Michael the drugs without authorization and a judge recently gave the okay for 3 search warrants on three different doctors; the reason still being unclear.
    Dr. Conrad Murray, who everyone believed to be responsible for the singer's death and the same person that denied he ever injected MJ with Diprivan (an anesthic medicine that was found all over Michael's home), is not authorized to prescribe or to administer any medicines; he is only liscensed in Nevada not in California.

People are saying that foul-play is not entirely ruled out after receiving the results of the 2nd autopsy. But of course, nothing can be certain until the toxicology reports come back.

Lastly, an unbelievable footage of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has hit all over the internet! It's a recent video clip during CNN Larry King's interview with Jermaine Jackson in which Larry's cameras was given access to video tape inside Michael's Neverland home.

I won't say anymore but just take a look. The footage has not been altered! This is the original footage , as it was seen and broadcasted live on CNN. Many people have commented on the video saying that they too in fact saw the unusual "thing" while watching it on TV.

It's a little eery yet surprisingly calming to me. I believe in the spirit world so I'm going to say that it can very well be Michael's spirit.,. Neverland is his home and creation, but then again it can be a shadow of somebody else walking into the next room as some have said it was to be... right???

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