Jul 6, 2009


Tragic, tragic story.

Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi were both found shot to death in McNair's Second Avenue area condo that he rented in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday.

Steve was found on the sofa with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and 2 gun shots to his head police said. Sahel Kazemi, only 20, was found on the floor near him with a single gunshot wound to her head with a pistol found near her body.

It's been reported that McNair, who's married, met Kazemi, who had a boyfriend at the time, at Dave & Buster's Grand Sports Cafe while she she was waitressing a few months ago. The two hit it off and begun a steamy affair with vacations and plenty of gifts.

Most recently, Steve gave her a black 2007 Cadillac Escalade which was registered to the both of them. Early Thursday at Broadway and Ninth Avenue in Nashville, just two days before the deaths, Sahel was pulled over and charged with driving under the influence and refusing to take a breath test. She told police she was not drunk, but high.

Steve was also in the car, a fact that was not in the police affidavit but was confirmed by police Saturday night. Police allowed McNair to take a cab home. He later bailed Kazemi out of jail, according to bail bondsmen.

The police went around asking questions to neighbors, friends, family, anyone who might help in solving the case, which looked to either be a homocide, murder, or perhaps a murder-homicide??

When police questioned neighbors, they said they'd heard arguments between Sahel and her boyfriend and saw McNair visiting her house many times. They described her as a fun, friendly person. Her former Dave & Buster's boss said she was very bubbly, had high energy and her friends described her as very caring and loving.

Keith Norfleet, Sahel's former boyfriend of four years before they broke up five months ago, was worried about her dating McNair, a married man. He said both him and Sahel had been speaking a lot recently and that she believed McNair would keep his promise in leaving his wife for her. Keith also claimed that she was planning to break it off with the QB and actually came by Keith's house early Saturday morning, before the murder, but she had left already by the time he got to the door. He said to have been looking for her all Saturday afternoon and spent much of the day trying to find out if the woman who died with McNair was Sahel.


(Courtesy of TMZ)

According to The Tennessean, Sahel had discussed visiting a shooting range with her nephew, Farzin Abdi, and said she was unhappy living alone.

They discussed the potential for her acquiring a gun permit, but according to Abdi, "She told me she didn't have to because Steve had lots of guns."

Nashville police have asked for the help of the ATF to trace the origin of the gun they found at the crime scene on Saturday.

Here comes the worst.

The Associated Press reports that Nashville police confirms Sahel bought a gun and that it is the same gun found at the scene on Saturday.

I'm speechless. Love gone so wrong and the bitch went crazy. . . how many more deaths and tragedys are we going to hear about???

R.I.P to the 2.

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