Sep 17, 2009


The blogs were going crazy when word got out that Alicia Keys was messin around with the married (at the time) producer Swizz Beatz, right after his former wife Mashonda gave birth to their child!

Homewrecking at it's finest.

The situation got really ugly between Mashonda & the two with the involvement of court hearings, child custody & just straight trash talking in the press.

Well surprisingly enough, Swizz's mistress turned girlfriend Alicia Keys threw him a surprise 30th bday party over at the Kush Lounge right after the VMAs.

Swizz ended up inviting his ex wife/babymama Mashonda to the party & people's mouthves dropped when she actually came!!!

Everyone greeted her with hugs and kisses upon her arrival. But what was even more shocking was when she walked over to Swizz to give him a huge birthday hug & then shook Alicia's hand!

I guess it's all peace now between the three & that was so classy & mature of Mashonda to do because lord knows if it were me, I wouldn't be able to!

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