Sep 16, 2009


Let the backlash begin!

Days after Kanye's VMA bombardment, many people have had plenty of things to say about his "drunken" speech (he was reportedly carrying around a half bottle of Hennessy & swiggin it on the red carpet & inside) in the middle of Taylor Swift winning her award. Here are some comments made about the incident from various celebs:

We already know Pink's hate for Kanye first started when it came to that PETA issue, but now it's burned deeper!

Meanwhile, 50 Cent said he would've gave 'Ye a black eye!:

Even our beloved President Obama had words about the VMA disaster:

Hilarious!! However, people are looking heavily into this leaked audio because it was suppose to be off the record. If you've ever taken journalism class or know anything about it, once someone says it's off the record, you cannot use it! I believe it's a written rule. . . this person's in trouble!!

In the end, Kanye West apologized on The Jay Leno Show & even talked about wanting to go away for a while:

And that he did. He reportedly called Taylor up & apologized and she's accepted it .

And who could forget this humiliating moment for Lil Mama! I'm still too embarrassed to watch the performance again!!

Well Ms. Alicia Keys stopped by The Today Show & pretty much sonned Lil Mama:

LOL! She looks hot by the way! Lovin the weave!!!

Can the case now be closed on this Kanye West thing? It's becoming a little much. . . . now we can start up with Lil Mama.

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