Aug 25, 2009


Aaliyah Dana Haughton died on this day 8 years ago & it's bringing tears to my eyes thinking about it because I could remember vividly where I was when I found out about the plane crash, how hurt and sad I was and how I felt like we truly lost an angel!

My sisters and I were ginormous fans of hers growing up. We knew the lyrics to every song she's ever made, had her posters plastered on our walls and every time a new video from her classic One In a Million album debuted, we'd make sure to learn the dance moves!

She was truly a gorgeous, gentle soul, with a kind heart, a love for music & has a swagger like no other R&B chick in the game, past or present, has yet to emulate. (Sorry Ciara *ahem)

Let's all remember Aaliyah for the legacy she left behind from the start of her career at the tender age of 14. Here's the full E True Hollywood Story of her. If you don't know much about Aaliyah, I suggest you watch the whole interview and go YouTube all her classic songs.

Btw, she was born in Brooklyn. You know I had to throw that in there:

JANUARY 16, 1979- AUGUST 25, 2001

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