Aug 25, 2009


Remember that crazy story in May about Dallas Maverick's Dirk Nowitski's former girlfriend who was on the run from the law, stole credit cards and money, changed her identity 5 times, Cristal Taylor???

Taylor was sentenced to five years behind bars yesterday for breaking her probation, despite writing to the judge begging for leniency. She claims that she had changed and her love for the Nowitski was real!

Nowitzki has also spoken of his love for Taylor in the past, but the love is now gone. The power forward has canceled his credit cards and changed his telephone number and e-mail address. He has broken off all contact with Taylor, who is rumored to be pregnant with his child.

Dirk only found out the truth about his former lover's shady past after she was arrested in May!

LMAO at the pic.

Anyhoo, Michael Vick has just been released from jail and is in dire need of the public's acceptance but his actions yesterday are having people call his integrity into question again.

“Michael, you can’t do that.” Vick's mentor Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy told him after Vick was spotted by the New York Post drinking a Grey Goose/Pineapple Juice to get him loose at a hotel bar in Philly.

Vick drinking doesn't violate the terms upon his reinstatement into the league but people are saying he needs to remain a saint while in the public eye until all is clear. Even if that means cooling on his partying ways.

What do you think?

And I broke the news on my show "On The Corner" last year about a documentary one of my heroes Lebron James was filming called More Then A Game. Well here's the trailer:

It's gonna be amazing!

And I hear the soundtrack to the flick is made up of an elite group. Mary J. Blige & Chris Brown have a record out on the radio called Stronger which is on the soundtrack & word has it that this Friday, another song from the soundtrack is going to premiere worldwide & it'll be featuring Kanye West, Eminem, Common & a slew of the top dawgz.

Only King James can have this kind of backing! Next to Hova of course but it's practically the same thing.

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