Aug 10, 2009


No this isn't a scene for an upcoming movie or anything but instead bits & parts that are going to be used for The Oprah Winfrey show!

Oprah's ban on rappers for her talk show was put on hold for none other than Jay-Z.

Oprah went to the Marcy PJ's in Brooklyn to visit & film Jay-Z at his old stomping grounds. The days when sittin on the stoop of the building, hustlin' crack, drinkin 40's and smokin Lz while gun battling with the enemy next door was a normal day for the Brooklyn don.

However those were the old days & Hov has since turned up a new leaf. One of the highlights Oprah will be showcasing on the show are Jay's contributions back to his hood.

Rihanna and wifey Beyonce were said to be there too.

I'd like to see Oprah have 50 Cent on the show one day. Just a thought!

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