Aug 9, 2009


I'ma say this again so you all know, Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin to f*k with!

Too bad Joe Buddens didn't know this!

It's spreading like wildfire that Joe Buddens was punched and attacked by Raekwon and his entourage at the Rock The Bells concert in California just this weekend!

What's being said is, Buddens was in the middle of doing a live video stream interview on blogtv with Mickey Factz when Raekwon came in with a couple of guys, sat down & started talking real reckless to Buddens! This was all seen by all the viewers watching the live feed on their computers! The feed was cut after Buddens mentioned that they were live & that's when Raekwon told Mickey Factz to shut it off while continuing to son him!

To confirm that this is not a rumor & in fact true story, here's the video of Buddens talkin about it:

To any of you who don't know why there was beef from the get go. Joe Buddens had dissed Method Man a member of the Wu & publicly talked trash about Meth and his rapping skills. Obviously The Chef didn't like that so much so when he had the opportunity to see Joe Buddens he did.

Funny thing is, the beef was squashed between Buddens & Meth but I guess Raekwon didn't get the memo.

But what's worse for Joe, I hear that during the altercation when he was surrounded and pummeled by Raekwon's peoples, the crew recorded it all & made Buddens apologize on camera for saying what he said about Method Man & the Wu Tang Clan, something Joe was reluctant do but did.

I hope this beef doesn't escalate even more. . .

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