Aug 4, 2009


I am absolutely addicted to Diddy's new show Making His Band. It's such a different take from the shows nowadays that's looking to put music groups together. With this show, instead of voices, people who play instruments get to showcase their talents!

This was yesterday's episode where Diddy takes vocal lessons for the first time:

Haha. It's funny listening to him sing plus this reminds me of the times during choir practice with Mr. Schorr & Mrs. Lehman.

That's some music he's making with his new crew Dirty Money. At first I was skeptical that they'd release any innovative music as they claim they would be doing, but after hearing this song here done in the studio over the Jay-Z Streets Is Watching beat, I must say, they've got a hit on their hands!!

Catch Making His Band Mondays @ 10PM on MTV.

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