Aug 5, 2009


Call her Miss Jackson if you're nasty!

Janet Jackson took to her official website to let the world know that she is back in full effect!

She has her first book coming out later this year which will include details about her life, her issues with self-esteem, her career in music, tv and movies, as well as a look into her love life. Then a few months after and into the new year, we can all see her in Tyler Perry's sequel Why Did I Get Married Too & the best for last, a new album which she's working on with legendary producers; the ones who were responsible for all the great music she put out at the start of her career, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The album is slated to be released the first quarter of 2010.

Janet should've teamed up with those two, 2 albums ago!

In other movie news, the hotness Justin Timberlake will be starring in a new movie called The Open Road slated to be released sometime next year.

The movie centers on the adult son of a baseball legend who, together with his girlfriend, embarks on a road trip with his estranged father.

Will you go see it?

You's can thank me later if this happens.

According to the NY Daily News, there's a rumor that The Sopranos will be turning into a movie!

The Sopranos' producer David Chase isn't entertaining the idea about the possibility of a movie in the works, but some cast members are suggesting that a script is already developing!

The major holdup of the project some believed is due to James Gandolfini's reluctance to take part in the flick! However, according to Lorraine Bracco, that is not the reason saying, "I think it's really trying to get the right script. Without the right script, it's really not worth doing. We've all talked to David to give him a kick in the booty to get it right."

Another Soprano's alum and Bruce Springsteen bandman Steve Van Zandt opened his mouth hinting to the possiblity to a Belfast newspaper that his character Sil is very much "still alive".

Lemme tell you. The flick will surely rake in, in the box office!

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