Jul 26, 2009



  • According to court documents, Michael's $400 million debt is expected to be completely cleared with the money in his estate. MJ's co-executors to his estate said they're in the process of wrapping up a few deals that will generate millions of dollars of revenues for the estate.

  • The $5.5 million that was missing from MJ's house has finally surfaced. The money was set aside for his children and was hidden within Mike's home but police couldn't find it. Dr. Tohme Tohme, MJ's former financial advisor had the money and told the police that MJ had given it to him to purchase a house in Las Vegas. Ummm okay???

  • Reports are saying that fishy Dr. Conrad Murray told LAPD later that MJ had a closet full of pills and prescription drugs, including Propofol. Funny thing is, the drugs were packed away & concealed so that it wouldn't look obvious to a stranger's eye if they were to see the closet & suspect anything.

  • In 2003, MJ's dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein asked Dr. Harvey Richmond, a gynecologist specializing in vaginal rejuvenation & who worked on the same floor as Klein, if he could use Richmond's offices to perform a minor acne treatment on MJ under full anesthesia. Richmond thought it was odd that Klein was using full anesthesia for acne treatment, but agreed and arranged for an anesthesiologist and scrub tech to work on MJ.

  • What's the fishiest about Dr. Murray is the latest relevation! On the day of MJ's death at 9:22am, reports say that 2 employees were spotted going into Murray's Houston offices & carrying out box loads of paperwork and files from his storage unit into their cars & driving away. What were the employees taking from the storage unit?? Files of who?? For what??? And the funniest thing about this is, Michael's phone call to 911 was placed at 12:22pm on the same day. This does not add up!!! Somethin is really funky in here mang.

  • Lastly, the latest reports are claiming that MJ's entire nose was missing from his face when he was taken to the Los Angeles morgue!

So what was in place of his nose then?? According to the coroners at the county morgue, a small dark hole surrounded by bits of cartilage was in place of where his nose once laid.

And allegedly, sources are saying MJ had to wear a prosthetic nose to hide the effects of his plastic surgery abuse & was deeply shy about the whole thing.

Well at least we know now why his nose always looked different & funky in public. Speaking of plastic surgery, a site conjured up a picture of what Mike would've looked like by the time he passed; if he didn't have any surgeries, or bleach his skin & get chemical & laser peels.

All of this is so sad!!! From the coroners releasing private info, to Dr. Arnold Klein's adding to Mike's addiction, to him having to rock a fake nose & especially to Dr. Conrad Murray & his suspect movements!!

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