Jul 26, 2009


One of the penalties the court ordered Chris Brown to do in his hearing for battery was to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna & at least 10 yards away if they're both attending the same industry event.

Rihanna was overheard in the courtroom that day saying the restraining order was very unnecessary.

Well the pop star stayed true to her words!

According to The New York Post, paparazzi were able to get hold of some vital information regarding the 2!

They claim that both Rihanna & Brown checked into seperate rooms at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Midtown in NYC on Friday where they spent the weekend together.

People at the hotel snitched on the former couple to the paps, saying that they spent a full two days together at the hotel. And not only that, Rihanna & Brown also used decoys and vehicles to go out in the city together in hopes of throwing off the paparazzi and any media from finding out that the two have been chillin.

My lawd. If there are any pictures of this, what is gonna happen to them in court?! I mean, they violated the law & on top of that I hope they re hatched the issues they've had.

Rihanna's gonna get a lot of hate for hangin with Chris again; whether it be as friends or lovers.

I say, she knows what she's doin. Both of them do.

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