Jul 19, 2009


Michael Jackson will be coming to DVD soon so all you bootleggers listen up!

According to Hits Daily Double, AEG, Sony Music & Jackson's estate are in negotiations with a deal to release footage from Michael Jackson's This Is It tour to DVD and possibly in theaters too!

Sounds like a brilliant idea! Sony Music says that MJ looked spectacular in all of the video they have of him rehearsing.

I expect nothing less of course!


  • LaToya Jackson has a new song out dedicated to her brother. Surprisingly, she won't receive any money for doing so. The song is available through ITunes & all proceeds will go to MJ's AIDS charity foundation:

  • Dr. Conrad Murray has been running from the LAPD. He was scheduled to speak to the police for weeks now but has been cancelling the meetings through his lawyers again and again!

  • Katherine Jackson is working hard to counter MJ's will so she would become the guardian of his $500 million estate.

  • Although toxicology reports aren't out yet, all signs are pointing to the drug Propofol as the cause of death.

That doctor sounds pretty funky to me. Why's he dipping & dodging from the popo? Is it cause he's the one that had been administering Propofol to Mike?

Justice will prevail bitch.

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