Jul 19, 2009


We all remember the story of Pacman Jones who was kicked out of the NFL league because of a shooting outside of a strip club that he was allegedly involved in. He stands to testify against Arwin Edwards who shot 3 people.

Edwards is accused of attempted murder after Jones had an altercation with security inside of a Las Vegas strip club over $40,000 that had gone missing during an alleged fight between Jones and two strippers.

After the shooting, Jones denied any involvement or knowledge of the shooting, but seven months later, he told investigators he had been approached by Edwards outside of the club!

Jones told police Edwards said he would retrieve the missing money for him. Moments after speaking to Jones, Edwards allegedly fired into the crowd striking three people, including the strip club’s shift manager, who is permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

ESPN leaked footage showing inside the club that night & it's being used as evidence for the trial. Check out the clip:

LOL @ J.D "Do not pick up the money. Just dance!"

J.D has explained why he was shouting to the strippers not to pick the money up off the floor, despite of how much Nelly and Jones were shown making it rain on the hoes.

“You’re not supposed to get your money until the dance is finished. These girls was picking the money up as soon as the money was flying, like someone was going to steal it. That kind of gave me an idea of the place that we were in. I was like ‘oh these girls are going to start fighting or something because they don’t know understand what the f**k is going on in here.’"

He also claims that Pacman was attempting to break up two strippers who began to fight over the money. In true hoe fashion.

And congrats to my favorite poker player/Full Tilt team member Phil Ivey. He has made it to the World Series of Poker final. He beat out thousands of people to land a spot at the final table, a fete that any poker player will tell you is truly difficult for this type of tournament.

The game will go down in November, making Ivey the 2nd black man to ever make a final table.

Do ya thing!!

I've been following him forever. Phil has rooms full of throwback Jerseys I hear and he loves him some hip hop.


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