Jul 2, 2009


To the ones who believed Michael didn't have it in him anymore to do his London concerts, check out this last footage ever from CNN of him rehearsing at the Staples Center for his tour. LOOK AT HIM MOVE!!! He really does come alive on stage :

Simply spectacular!

And in this video. The reporter slaps a reckless MJ fan. LMAO:

MJ UPDATES (you know I got those):

  • His famous white Swarvoski jeweled embezzled glove, a fedora that was customized for him, costumes MJ wore on stage and his platinum record for the 20 millionth copy of Thriller will be auctioned off in October. The glove is estimated to be auctioned off for between $60,000 to $80,000, but prices may shoot up by that time!

  • As if the MJ drama hasn't been stressful enough for the Jackson household, Debbie Rowe (the woman who gave birth to Michael's children years ago.. read up on it if you're not familiar with the story) has decided to file for custody for Prince Michael I & II and Paris.

Debbie recently had a 90 minute phone conversation yesterday with NBCLA's Chuck Henry and stated that she wanted her children and that Michael didn't keep his end of the deal but she did? Debbie also said she was willing to submit to any testing, including a DNA test to prove that she is the children’s true biological mother, she'll voluntarily submit to psychological testing & also said she'll be filing for a restraining order against Joe Jackson from coming near the children.

Hmmm. Kinda strange since she openly told the media and public years ago when she gave birth to them that she was willing to give up the children to Michael without hesitation, that they belong to him & she had no intentions of raising them or caring for them since, as she claims, they were a gift for him.

Mind you, Michael left her out of his will and the 3 children are named heirs to his estate. Somebody trying to fake the funk? I gotta feeling she's singing gimme the loot, gimme the loot when she sleeps at night.

Let the battle begin.

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