Jul 22, 2009


Andrea McNutty is suing Pittsburghs Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger for sexual assault!!

According to Yahoo News:

The woman was working as an executive casino host last July when she said Roethlisberger struck up a friendly conversation at her desk during the golf tournament the quarteback was taking part in.

The next night, she said he telephoned her to tell her his television sound system wasn't working and asked her to look at it. She said she was unable to find a technician so she handled it herself because she had been told it was important to please the celebrities.

In Roethlisberger's room she said she determined the TV was functioning properly but as she turned to leave, the 6-foot-5, 240-pound quarterback blocked her exit, the suit claims.

The lawsuit said he grabbed her and started to kiss her. It said she was "shocked and stunned that this previously friendly man, that appeared to be a gentleman in her previous contacts with him was suddenly preventing her from leaving, was assaulting her and battering her."

She said she feared that because he was a football player he could or would physically harm her if she tried to fight him off, but that she objected and protested several times."But instead of stopping, Roethlisberger began fondling plaintiff through her dress and between her legs," the suit said. He then "held her against her will and physically moved plaintiff and pushed her onto his bed" where he raped her, the suit says. She told him "You don't want to do this," and begged him "I am not on any type of birth control."

Afterward, he asked if there was a security camera in the hallway. She said he then instructed her to claim she had repaired his television if anyone asked why she was in his room.The lawsuit says the woman required hospitalization for treatment for depression after the alleged attack.

She is seeking at least $440,000 in damages from the quarterback and also alleges hotel officials for Harrah's Lake Tahoe went to great lengths to cover up the incident. She's seeking $50,000 in damages from the Harrah'sofficials.

Another rape/athlete case. . .

Michael Vick is free now and where was his first stop?? A strip joint at the Atlantis at Viriginia Beach with Allen Iverson and his wife.

Isn't he broke????

The reason for the split between Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson is pretty stupid.

Apparently Jessica wanted a Barbie and Ken themed 29th birthday party and Tony wasn't having it. He preferred for her to have a more low key party which ultimately turned into a huge arguement with Romo telling Simpson he wanted a break.

A Barbie & Ken theme??? She is a total airhead huh. Like, omg, totally!!

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