Jun 16, 2009


The sports world has given some word on where Shaq is going to go for his last year in the league.

And people are saying he may be joining the Cleveland Cavaliers, alongside Lebron and so far it's looking good because the Cavs were already trying to acquire the original Superman on their team before he decided to join the Phoenix Suns.

Obviously this is a ploy to get the King to stay in Cleveland.

I hope this isn't true. Shaq is dunzo! He's old, a has-been, can't move like he use to. He needs to savor his accomplishments in this league and retire.

Man if he comes to the Cavs, it'll be a disaster! I mean, two powerhouses together would be dope but still!

Much love to the Shaqtus though. I wonder what his new nickname would be if he were to come to the Cavs??

1 comment:

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