Jun 24, 2009


No, the show Martin isn't back. I wish it were!!!!! Woo woo woo wooooo.

Martin Lawrence is returning to TV but will be working behind the scenes!

He currently has 3 shows in the works with his production company Runteldat and 2 of them are already set to hit big networks.

Fox picked up an animated comedy of his, based on his experiences growing up in the D.C. area and Starz just picked up one featuring an interracial family.

The third is developing a family comedy set at a funeral home.

Sounds kopastetic but bring Martin back to syndicated television now!!!

**Btw, that Donald Trump & WWE dealing? Turns out it was a publicity stunt. We were all bamboozled. However it did draw in the most viewers to Raw since their highest ratings 7 years ago.

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