Jun 24, 2009


Ludacris has created his own line of Cognac called Conjure, which debuted in Bordeaux, France last week.

Conjure, will be a joint venture with Kim Hartmann, owner of the Birkedal Hartmann Cognac brand. The cognac will be aimed at securing the urban market and the hip hop community, something Luda plans to expand through hands on planning and not just by celebrity endorsing.

According to the company’s website, African-Americans make up an estimated 60-80% of the 51.7 million bottles sold since 2007 in the American Cognac market.

The first orders will ship to Norway by July 1 and 1 million bottles to our beloved country by September.

That's pretty ill. Hope it sells. I'm a Ludacris supporter.

Yanno, most rappers who dip their hands in the alcohol world, usually goes and makes some kind of vodka. No one has touched cognac, not that I know of. Even though Hennessy is their choice for a drink most of the time!

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