Jun 24, 2009


When you're flat out broke, what's left to do to get quick money besides stripping, becoming a prostitute/pimp or robbing a bank???

Star in a reality tv show of course!

Producer Scott Storch has signed on to star in a new reality show that will take place in Miami, Florida, where he resides and it will chronicle his return to the music business.

Scott has major debt under his name. He made an estimated $70 million throughout his career but openly admitting that he spent it all on cocaine (during a 3 year period he spent over $25 million dollars, to sell or sniff though??), other drugs and luxuries. He's missed payments on his $10 million Miami mansion, cars and child support payments up to $46,000 and owes the I.R.S $1 million dollars in back taxes

Bottom line. He's broke and I'm sure this reality money is helping him out one way or another.

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