Jun 15, 2009


The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2009 NBA Champions. They defeated the Orlando Magics and earned their win yesterday 99-86 in a 4-1 series.

Arguably the best player in the league, Kobe Bryant had 30 points, five assists, and four blocks. Kobe spoke about redeeming himself and his team after their loss last year in the finals to the Boston Celtics in a 39 point defecit, leading to Celtics' 2008 NBA Championship win.

Dwight Howard had little to cheer about but he is now mentioned in the same category with legends like Patrick Ewing and Kareem Abdul Jabbar for his efforts in the whole series and that in itself is a huge accomplishment.

Coach Phil Jackson can also be put into a record breaking category too. This is Jackson's 10th championship, tieing him for the most championships in a sport alongside Red Aurebach during his reign with the Boston Celtics.

Congratulations!! Kobe is the man, mang.

Even though the NBA season is done, you know I'll still be posting those Nike commercials lol. Here's the next one Lebron & Kobe: An Afternoon with Lil Dez. My 2nd fave to the chalk one. Enjoy! :

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