Sep 18, 2009


Ex- Philadelphia Eagles member Hank Baskett was let go from the team to make room for dog killing Mike Vick.

But don't fret he has a new gig!

Baskett will be joining the Indianapolis Colts! Sources from the team say they were already in the market looking for a wide reciever & were more happy to pick up Baskett.

He must be so relieved since he's safe from Kendra leavin his ass.

Shaunie O'Neal was interviewed on a radio show this week & spoke about her life & rehatching her marriage to Shaq. She also dropped a gem about a new reality TV show (go figure) that her and her Superman are shopping around to networks.

The show will be about . . . NBA Housewives duh!

Eric Williams, former Charlotte Bobcats' wife Jennifer Williams, Jason Williams of the Orlando Magic's wife Denika Williams, Antoine Walker’s fiance Evelyn Lozado, Alonzo Mourning's wife Tracy Mourning and Dwight Howards babymoms Royce Reed will all be on the show.

Hmmmm . . . Could you have picked a better group?

Cute couples Trina & Kenyon Martin are rumored to be having a child together!

Sources say Trina was at the Kenyon Martin Foundation event to support her man & was running around telling people that she was pregnant!

But guess who else may also be knocked up? Keyshia Cole & her younger boyfriend Daniel Boobie Gibson!

Keyshia has relocated herself in Cleveland from LA while her man does his thing during the NBA season & there are whispers that she's sporting a baby bump too.

These 2 couples have only been together for a year!?!

And probably the most interesting news in the NBA at this time, Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian have only been a couple for a few weeks and are already looking to buy a home together!

The giant couples were spotted house hunting & wait for it. . . . . ring hunting too!

When reps contacted both friends & family of theirs, no one would deny nor comment if the marriage rumors were true.

Divorce must be the new fad because this is where they'll be heading! And is Khloe ready to be a mommy? Lamar has a 10 year old & a 7 year old. Khloe's practically a kid herself!

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