Aug 18, 2009


The Pied Piper is back & is bringing a new album called Untitled with him!

R Kelly went about creating his comeback album a different way by throwing parties at his house to test his songs to see what worked, what made the ladies dance and what got the people on their feet & even went so far as to work with Southern producers to tweak his old school R&B style while generating a new edgy yet R Kelly sound.

He invited lots of industry people to his house over the weekend to listen to his new music & sources say that while on the tour of his studio, they found it to be very small with no vocal booth; instead there was just a microphone, a mirror right next to it and a keyboard that Kelly performs on and on top of that, they discovered he never writes any of his music down!

Here's some inside scoop from the horse's mouth via Bossip:

The Pied Piper’s explanation on the mirror:

That’s ego, I’m not going to lie. If I can’t really feel myself, you know I like to go upstairs and change my clothes and get swagged out and put on my little stoney glases and get me a stogie and I look in the mirror at myself sometimes and I can write and then the song will come. I’m looking in the mirror and I’m seeing Kells now, I’m not seeing Rob the mama’s boy. If I see Kells swagged out, then I say this is right right here. You have to have enough ego to be confident enough to get yo swag on while your writing certain songs. It doesn’t really hurt to look at yourself and really get into it.

Since you don’t write down your songs how do you relay the lyrics to people?

Some of them understand my process. Whitney that’s like my sister, we get into it all the time but she didn’t understand the process and Toni Braxton didn’t understand the process. You have to talk about them and crack on them. I’m a “mama jokes” specialist. Sometimes you got to get to cracking and ribbing on people to let them know how real yo a** is and ghetto you is and then once you get that out the way…

Kells: Now say this [starts singing] As I Lay Me Down… now say that

Whitney: what the f*ck you mean say that…. that’s all you got…

Kells: Hell yeah, that’s all I got but just say that for right now, you gone have to trust me some [ continues singing... "I Look To You"] and then now when it all starts to come together halfway through the song… Now yo a** wants to believe me… yeah whatever.

Is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you would like to work with?

I want to get in with Stevie [Wonder] man… I want to get in with Stevie but I really want to get in with Stevie Wonder because Stevie continues my legacy and then I can continue his legacy. And then Stevie of course, he’s done so many hits, its like sometimes its hard to get with somebody else that’s going to continue your legacy. It was pretty hard for me and I understand I got to go to Atlanta to work with these new and younger producers and stuff if I want to stay current. I realize that I got something to give them too, I got something to feed to them but I got to realize they can feed me too. So its like hard to let your ego down and you’ve written so many hits for yourself and did everything, keyboard, production, everything yourself. It’s hard to all of a sudden say… Hold on Kells… so I think it was pretty hard for Stevie to just say, “Oh wait a minute, I got to do this with another younger guy.” Then Happy People kind of died out and then I ended up putting it on the Stepper’s Album. So it was cool though.

Kellz was also in the process of writing about five songs for Michael Jackson (a close friend) when he passed away and plans on finishing that project.

Untitled will be released on October 13th and a 36 city tour called Ladies Make Some Noise will kick off on October 8th right before the album drops.

Looks promising!

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