Aug 11, 2009


Wendy Williams ended her long run on WBLS with her syndicated radio show The Wendy Williams Experience which can now be seen on FOX.

So who's taking over the coveted spot???

Rumor has it that Salt & Pepa will be taking over Wendy's slot as new radio hosts on a brand spankin' new show!

Will you listen??? Btw, Pep looks mega different with that tweaked nose. More soft now & less gully!

Movin on. . . .

Oprah visited Marcy Projects with Jay-Z the other day for an upcoming show. However, sources are saying now that the visit was not for The Oprah Winfrey Show but rather for The O Magazine. I hope she changes her mind!

Anyway, Oprah talked with her long time friend Gayle King on Gayle's radio show & had some wonderful things to say about our man Hov, including his great body odor:

Boy does somebody have a crush!

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