Aug 10, 2009


Teen queen Miley Cyrus is getting crapped on for her performance at the Teen Choice Awards last night because of photographs like this that are all over the blogs!

She's getting scrutinized for being only 16 years old, a role model to children & a Disney alum (that doesn't hold much weight anymore i.e. Vanessa Hudgens) yet she's strutting her stuff on a stripper pole?!!

Let me be the one to say this now, it's nothing like it seems! Although pictures do speak a thousand words, raw footage speaks a trillion more. Check it out:

There were no sexual dances, no raunchy behavior & no slutty insinuations. The girl was just hanging on to a pole attached to a friggan ice cream cart for God's sake!

Whew. That explains that! I thought we lost another Disney child to the dark side. But then again, we all didn't forgot those scandalous pics of you from last year Miley!

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