Aug 19, 2009


That sneaky, coneiving doctor of Michael Jackson's Dr. Conrad Murray has finally spoken up about the allegations against him in a video he made:

Am I the only one blown away by him having an accent?? Does he even have his green card or a legal liscense to be a doc here in the states?? Just playing!

Spike Lee is doing the right thing for Mike in Brooklyn on what would've been MJ's 51st birthday on August 29th. The producer of Mike's They Don't Really Care About Us video will be hosting a celebration at Fort Greene Park from 12pPM-5PM.

Spike says that he and Michael come from the same era & can remember wanting to perfect his afro so it could be like MJ’s.

So what else is going on, on MJ's bday??? His burial!

MJ will finally be buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery says Joe Jackson. Obviously he had to tell the media when & where.

Serious exploitation homie.

God bless you Mike.

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