Aug 6, 2009


When you're as famous as these 2 you gotta deal with all of the psychotic people out there. It comes with the territory!

Leon Desmond Barrett of Detroit, Michigan has been charged with threatening to kill Jay-Z and his wifey Beyonce!

In a complaint filed yesterday, Barrett had allegedly sent dozens of threatening letters with promises of doing violent acts to the couple between 2006 and 2009.

Crazy ass people!!!! What did they ever do to you?!

Envy is a sin mang.

Btw, I've never really noticed this before but Beyonce has some big ol' ears. Ehhhh. I still loves her though!

That's a pretty drawing of them isn't it?

Jay-z has been tapped in to be one of the many artists who will perform on The Jay Leno Show premiere on September 14th @ 10PM. He'll be performing alongside Rihanna & Kanye West as well so I'm sure they'll be doing Run This Town.

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