Aug 12, 2009



  • The DEA raided Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas yesterday looking for documents because investigators believe this is where Dr. Conrad Murray purchased the powerful anesthetic Propofol. However it is said that Dr.Murray bought the drug legally.

  • Joe Jackson may be getting his own reality show. Go figure.

  • MJ has not been buried yet according to Joe, despite the rumor that he'd secretly been laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery without an engraved headstone.

  • A global tribute for Michael is set to be televised worldwide on September 26th from Vienna. Jermaine Jackson is expected to announce the lineup for the 3 hour concert in 2 weeks. Organizers are saying the concert will feature about 10 major entertainers who will perform 15-20 of MJ's hits on a crown shaped stage. Jermaine says Vienna was chosen because MJ had a love for castles.

A concert fit for a king.

LaToya Jackson is loving all the media attention she's been getting. In fact, she's caught the attention of Dancing With The Stars producers who are in serious discussions about having her on the show.

LaToya's rep says, "She's a big fan of the show and being from a musical family, it would be a good fit."

Uh huh.

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