Aug 12, 2009


You might have heard the rumor a while ago about Eva Longoria & Beyonce possibly starring in a lesbian flick together.

Well the rumors are resurfacing & it looks like the movie may be a go! The ladies will be starring in Tipping The Velvet, a book written by Sarah Waters; based in the 1800's about Nancy Astley (who Eva would play), an oyster girl from the English town of Whistable who falls in love with a male impersonator and stage performer named Kitty Butler (Beyonce's character) while dealing with the economic class & oppression during the time.

And word has it the 2 ladies will be doing a sex scene together. Guess those rumored private room strip clubs trips Beyonce occasionally went to holds some truth.

No idea yet if it'll keep its timeline in the 1800's or whether it'll be adapted into a modern story for the big screen but one thing is certain, all the men in the world are gonna love this one while Beyonce is definitely pulling out all the stops to win that Oscar she's been dreaming about. Tread carefully B, Jake Gylenhall & Heath Ledger went all in for Brokeback Mountain & didn't win nothing but a gay scene they want erased from all our minds!

Btw, Tipping The Velvet is Victorian slang for cunnilingus.

Mmmm hmm. How raunchy!!!

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