Aug 18, 2009


Drake is still on that mixtape game!

He will be releasing a free mixtape called So Far Gone on September 15th. The disc will feature his massive hits Best I Ever Had and Successful, as well as a new song that will gel into his actual album called Thank Me Later.

Besides the mixtape, Drizzy also has an operation lined up for his knee from which he tore his ACL while playing basketball & then collapsing on stage during one of the tour stops on the Amerika's Most Wanted Music Festival.

Speaking of the festival, they're currently up north in Canada & word was spread that 2 stops on the tour have been canceled for unknown reasons.

Fans who had purchased tickets arrived at GM Place yesterday only to learn the concert had been canceled and tonight's show at Rexall Place in Alberta will be too!

Though the reasons remain unknown, sources are saying that one of the performers, quite possible Lil Wayne who has pending charges against him, was not allowed entry into Canada.

Nicki Minaj, one of Young Money's own who's also on tour, tweeted that authorities were searching 2 of their tour buses vigorously with canines and all!

This tour can't seem to catch a break! Although Canada has a history of having issues with American rappers entering their soil.


Young Money' reps put out a statement saying,

“Lil Wayne due to illness, was advised by his doctors to cancel the Young Money Presents America’s Most Wanted Festival tour stops in Western Canada,” the Cash Money imprint said in a statement. “The tour was scheduled to come through Vancouver and Edmonton on August 17 and 18. Wayne, his band and crew arrived in Canada with full intention of performing, but were forced to cancel the dates due to doctor-mandated rest. [The] Young Money Presents America’s Most Wanted Music Festival will continue their tour routing and extends an apology to the fans for the cancellation.”

Yeah okay.

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