Aug 20, 2009


Jamie Foxx decided to release a music video for the remix to his song Digital Girl featuring Drake instead of the original. The song includes Kanye West & The Dream:

I like Drake's flow in this record & it's a very futuristic video, although it reminds me of Lloyd's Girls Around The World but I could dig it.

We've been seeing trailers and clips for Run This Town but here is the full length video before it world premieres tonight on MTV:

I feel like a chicken! The song's ill but not a classic however this dope ass video might've changed that! Filthy gangsta! It did not disappoint me!!!

Speaking of Jay-Z, the situation in Croatia with the papz has escalated to Julius, Jigga's bodyguard, being charged with property damages & physical attacks!

He appeared in court today for 2 hours with his lawyer & interpreters & was found guilty on the charges.

Croatian authorities temporarily took away Julius’ passport but returned it to him today. For being found guilty, he was ordered to pay 554 kuna ($107 US), and the additional amount of 679 HRK ($131 US) for the costs of court proceedings.

The court commented that this was an unnecessary incident which was carried away by an arrogant bodyguard? Luckily Julius' punishment wasn't too harsh since the Croatian news were reporting that the tripod throwing started when everyone hopped into the boat & Julius proceeded to punch the papz' foot repeatedly & then smashed his camera light.

But really, am I the only one who fully watched this video???

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