Aug 6, 2009


Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical said she learned her lesson and was deathly embarrassed when nude photos of her first surfaced 2 years ago. Disney reportedly lowered her pay for her role as Gabriella in the High School Musical sequels because of the scandal.

Well you can throw those words away because new nude pics of her have surfaced yet again! It's uncertain when these pics were taken but it only adds to the fact that this chick has not learned anything!

So here we go with those naked photos:

When will she learn??? Phones are not the smartest gadgets to take private photos on! And if you send them through your phone, you can automatically kiss your privacy goodbye.

Actually, sending photos like these through cyberspace in general is no good because of the modern day geniuses we call like to call hackers!

My advice: STOP TAKING THEM, unless you want them to be found! Print those shits out on one of those Kodak digital stations you can find at a pharmacy and store them away!

I wonder what Disney will have to say about this.

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