Aug 4, 2009


Katherine Jackson has recieved full custody of MJ's 3 children as of yesterday. Debbie Rowe is allowed visitation rights but I doubt she'll ever come around.

In news about MJ's death, there are new details stating that a medical aide could be the reason why the King of Pop died Apparently while Dr. Murray was asleep while administering Propofol to Mike, the aide came in and gave MJ his usual dose of Demerol on top of what he was already using! So so so sad. . .

Here's video footage of Mike and his alleged Norwegian son Omar Bhetti jet skiing together that's been hitting the net:

And probably the most interesting MJ news. Here's audio of a taped phone conversation from the 90's between him and one of his dear friends Glenda. The first convo really shows Mike's personality, a funny, real and hilarious person:

The continued conversation goes into Joseph and how Mike was abused:

So much for spankin huh Joseph? More like beating! And we can all thank Joseph for the reasons behind MJ's nose jobs and the whitening of his skin.

Parents and future parents need to know that whatever you say or how you treat your children during childhood, will absolutely affect how they are as individuals when they get older.

Poor Mikey =(

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