Jul 13, 2009


Jamie Hector who played druglord Marlo Stanfield on the hit show The Wire saw his character's life turn into reality in Brooklyn yesterday!

And more appropriately, the incident occurred at his wife's baby shower!

At a baby shower?!?!!

According to the NY Daily News a made-for-tv gun battle erupted outside a Brooklyn baby shower for the wife of a star of the HBO crime series “The Wire” yesterday, killing one teen and wounding two men, cops said.

Gunmen unloaded nearly 50 bullets outside the party near Avenue B and the 90's & then tried to finish off one of the wounded men outside a hospital!

“What a gun battle,” a police source told the NY Daily News. “They have been watching too much TV.”

DamnNnnnnNnnn! The shooters tried to merk the guy as he was being carried into the hospital?!??!? I don't think even Marlo could've handled this situation.

Man, only in the Brookna.

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