Jul 1, 2009


Michael was a huge fan of The Simpsons. Who isnt???

Well The Simpsons will re-air the music video for Do the Bartman and a show title card in memory of Michael before this Sunday's episode at 8PM on Fox. Michael wrote the song for Bart and the single reached No.1 in the UK but was never released as single here in the US. The video however gained heavy rotation on MTV when it was out.

Do you guys remember the episode when Michael played Leon Kompowsky, a fat white mental patient that believed he was the Michael Jackson?? Homer met him when he was sent to the insane asylum for acting crazy at Barney's rehab session?? Well to refresh your memory here's a clip of the two in the psych ward.

And I know you all remember this song he and Bart sang for Lisa's birthday. Happy birthday Lisaaaaa, Lisa it's your birthdayyyyy. Sucha good melody!

I remember watching the episode and thinking that's not Michael singing, even though it sounded very close to it, but yet, that is Michael's voice when he was talking. I checked the credits at the end of the show to see if his name would appear but nope it didnt. I figure we all were bamboozled!

MJ loved the show, especially Bart so he decided write Do The Bartman and ultimately wrote the Happy Birthday Lisa song as well. He also asked for several script changes including him and Bart singing a song together and a line reference be changed from Prince to Elvis Presley (ironic?).

And it turns out that Michael couldn't be credited because of contract agreements with his label stating he couldn't sing for any other company as long as he was signed with them.

He did in fact voice himself, but a sound-alike would receive the credit. While Michael recorded the voice work for the character, all of his singing was performed by an impersonator because he wanted to play a joke on his brothers and fool them into thinking the impersonator was him!

Michael ended up recording his versions of the songs though and here's one for your ears:

Happy birthday Lisaaaaaa. Lisa it's your birthdayyyyyyyy.

Peace and love Mike.

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