Jul 7, 2009


As expected, the memorial was touching, sad, loving and above all else a send off for the incredible Michael Jackson.

Fans watched on outside the Staples Center, in nearby theaters, on jumbotrons, TV, internet, everywhere around the globe. . .

I cried more then a river today. . . I cried more than an ocean. Some speeches brought tears to my eyes, some brought laughter, the performances were incredible.

Here are some moments of the night that truly touched my heart:

As the Jackson brothers carry in Michael's casket and the choir sang. The whole family sat in the front row wearing clothing designed by Donatella Versace for this event from the fashion house Versace . Michael loved the brand and often wore on it on and off stage. The brothers all donned white gloves in remembrance.

Michael loved to laugh. . .=( Brooke Shields truly made him human and not someone who pretty much is out of our stratosphere. I cried my eyes out during this heartfelt speech. . .

You can hear the hurt and sorrow while Stevie played. Needless to say it was a tearjerker for me!

The words I loved most from Rev. Al Sharpton's speech were "Wasn't nothing strange about your daddy. . . it was strange what he had to deal with," when he was addressing Michael's children. I couldn't have put it any better.

Jennifer Hudson's voice really set the tone for this song. But the most emotional part was towards the end when Michael's voice was played. . .

I'm so happy that Magic spoke on his KFC memory of Michael. It took a lil bit away from the sadness in the room but it still touched everyone's heart. Michael was a normal person. Kobe mentioned an interesting fact if you all didn't know yet, Michael is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most charities involved by an entertainer, he really did want to heal the world. . .

Usher singing Gone Too Soon. . my lawdddd =*(

House Rep Shiela Jackson Lee's speech touched on what some have overlooked about Michael. . . he was truly a humanitarian & he's always said that his purpose in life was to give back. We will absolutely remember him forever and ever and ever.

Michael actually told Jermaine at a family get together that he was working on a rendition of the song called Smile so it made perfect sense for him to sing it for the world to hear. . . We know already from Brooke Shields that Michael's favorite song was Charlie Chaplin's Smile. I could barely contain myself watching Jermaine sing this. . .

Just in case you missed the very beginning, Motown legend Smokey Robinson read letters from both Diana Ross (who was suppose to be there) & political hero of Africa Nelson Mandela.

Smokey speaks later about his little brother Michael. . .

Everyone joined towards the end of the memorial to sing along to We Are The World & Heal The World. ABC News reported that people who were watching this all across the world swayed their hands in harmony to the song. . .

The last words by Marlon & Michael's daughter Paris. . .I can't even begin to explain the tears streaming down my face and the pain I felt from them. Neither can the world . . . This really brought everything into perspective, Michael as a brother, a father and a beautiful individual. . . Everytime I watch this footage I cry even more then I did before! Paris & Marlon really broke my heart. . .

There is no other artist who've touched the lives of so many across the world.

ABC News said that Princess Diana's funeral was the most watched ever for a public memorial but Michael's service will surely surpass that.

Michael was also at Princess Diana's funeral. She was a dear friend to him & he even dedicated the song "Smile" to her. =(

For some odd reason, even though the memorial was beautiful, I feel like. . . there's more to be done for his legacy and memory. I wish the service went on for 3 hrs because I don't believe anyone is ready to let go of the great Michael Jackson just yet. . .

Speaking of letting go, it was reported that Michael's casket would be laid to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial where he was embalmed. The greats such as Humphrey Bogart, Ed McMahon, John Ritter, Better Davis and Phil Hartman were all buried there.

However TMZ is reporting that Michael will not be buried there and that the body will go somewhere else pending final burial.

Well wherever he's buried, he is at peace. Like Marlon said:

"They can leave him alone now."

We love you Michael!!!

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