Jul 28, 2009


Hood rich couple Denver Nuggets' Kenyon Martin and rapper Trina have been inseparable since coming together earlier this year and I must admit, they make a lot sense being a couple!

But after this rumor, Trina might have a change of heart.

A source at a party thrown by Channing Chowder, a Miami Dolphins player is snitchin on Kenyon's cheating ways! Lots of stars were in attendance at the soiree such as Lil Wayne, Thomas Jones, Free, Jagged Edge and of course Kenyon.

The source says she was hanging in the VIP room with everyone and saw a woman approaching Martin. This woman the sources says frequents the party circuit in Miami all the time & always guns for any celebrity she sees. Plus shes a stripper at a widely known strip joint in the city too.

When the woman went up to Kenyon, they exchanged convos then continued to exchange tongues because they started full on making out. The source also says that she saw the stripper leave the club with him & his entourage & they got into an SUV together.

Why does it always have to be the strippers effin shit up for everyone?? Lawddd. And why is K-Mart kissing that chick's duttie mouth! You should know better man!

Poor Trina =(

In other news, Shaq attack was in full force last night when he hosted Monday Night Raw:

He just had to mention Lebron because it was in DC huh. Hater! Anyway, he did a great job being his hilarious self!

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