Jul 28, 2009


This face is synonymous with MJ by now.

Yes that shady, fishscale Dr. Conrad Murray!!!

An official released some info under anonymity saying Dr. Murray is being investigated for manslaughter!!!

Reportedly, MJ has been taking Propofol for the past 2 years, every night through IV's, hence the autopsy showing signs of marks on his neck, arms and feet. A doctor would administer Propofol to him when he slept, then stop the intravenous drip when he wanted to wake up.

The official continues to say that it is believed Dr. Murray administered Propofol to Mike sometime after midnight the night before his death and [possibly fell asleep during the night to wake up to a dead Michael Jackson.

This sounds extremely plausible because employees were seen earlier the day Mike died taking boxes of paperwork and files out of Dr. Murray's Houston offices. And how about this one, police searched through the information seized and found nothing about Propofol.

You aint slick budd!!!

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