Jul 3, 2009


These Compton girls don't play around when it comes to tennis mang!

For the eighth time in 10 years, The Williams sisters will battle one another again in the final at Wimbledon — Venus for the eighth time and Serena for the fifth. And it's the fourth Williams-vs.-Williams final at the All England Club and eighth in a Grand Slam title match.

The match will take place on July 4th.

In the NBA, Ron Artest from the Houston Rockets is a free agent & has decided to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Trevor Ariza, also a free agent may be going to the Rockets.

The Dallas Mavericks & New York Knicks were at a bidding war for Jason Kidd. However The Mavs may have gotten on top because they're offering him about $30 million for 3 years as oppose to the Knicks who can only offer 19 million for 3 years.

Okur and Boozer have decided to stay with the Utah Jazz, while Allen "The Answer" Iverson is in talks with the Memphis Grizzlies & Miami Heat and turkey Turkolu (gobble gobble) may be going to the Portland Trailblazers because the Orlando Magics couldn't offer him a better deal. But who cares, Vince Carter's a comin!

Perhaps the biggest contract right now is between Ben Gordon & Charlie Villanueva who are both signing on with the Detroit Pistons. Gordon is expected to get around $55 million for 5 years while Villanueva will see $42 million for the same amount of years.

Nothing is confirmed yet, this is all still up in the air since the free agency doesn't start until July 8th. Hang tight!

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