Jul 6, 2009


Puff's, oh excuse me, Diddy's Annual White Party took place in Beverly Hills this year instead of the Hamptons.

Though some people have said this is normally an A-Lister party, it was more like a B-List who showed up:

Cassie & her baldness was there too root her man on!

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher (probably the only A-Listers)

Ray-J godsister (I forget her name), Ho Chi Kim & her plasticity, the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger & Robin Antin (creator of the Pussycat Dolls)

Mrs. & Mr. Carey were present.

Busta Buss with ???

Tyrese & Chris Breezy

Is that Omarian with the big ass hair in the back???

JC Chasez was in the house.

Lil Wayne's very pregnant babymoms Lauren London was there. Is it me or does she look a lot whiter then she normally does?? Guess she can't spray tan anymore bc she's preggers.

Krazy Khloe Kardashian.

Now I saved the best scoop for last!

I was reading on various sites that Chris Brown showed up with Teyana Taylor to the party. For those who don't know her, she's the young girl who was signed to Pharrell's Star Trek label and was on Sweet Sixteen on MTV throwing her skateboarding party and dancing in her Heatherette dress. She also had a song out called Google Me Baby, you better axe somebody!

*crickets. No??? Ever heard of her???

Well sources are saying that the two were very affectionate with one another but claimed to only be BFF's. What's funny is that Teyana & Rihanna were BFF's too before the whole assualt case occured. Oh mang.

Chris Breezy and Teyana recently dyed their hairs the same to match one another too but oh no there's more that happened at this fiesta!

The woman pictured above is Amber Rose, non other then the stripper/video hoe/ industry accepted? (still dunno why) girlfriend of Kanye West.

Sources say that her and Chris were dancing all over eachother all night and were spotted kissing on the dance floor and on the balcony when they tried to sneak away!!!

ow some have said this is false, but knowing Amber and her thirst for fame and pretty sketchy past, I would not rule this out Kanye! We all remember the rumors of her dissing 'Ye, calling his love making simliar to that of making love to a "gorilla" & her reportedly running around on the low with rapper Cassidy!!

Kanye wake the fuck up. You can do so much better then her!!!

In the midst of all this, it was said that even though Amber & Chris got it on and poppin at the party, Teyana & him were able to exchange long gazes at one another throughout the night. Tryina keep it on the low hmmm.

Scandalous!! I shoulda figga'd something was up when they both were spotted together at the Magics game a few weeks back! But everyone, including myself thought it was innocent because Chris, Teyana & Rihanna were all great friends.

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