Jul 28, 2009


Ciara's stylist Shirlena Allen has got a major issue with her!

Apparently the R&B singer owes her some money for her work on her hair, among other things! She also talked bout Ciara being a biter and not having her own identity. (This is old news to me.):

Hello sorry to say Ciara’s pic in short hair, Kiyah did not do , I did from the photo shoot derek blanks, now the one with her and Kiyah ,is Kiyah’s work. Two different styles , the wig used and work on photo shoot she doesn’t even want to pay me for for, let alone I ask for the wig back a year ago, she says she cant find it. There is a huge difference in work, mine’s is a little more sexy. you think. She has no identity. Still trying to find a look

The pics of Ciara on the post for her twitter is my work, the beautiful makeup head shot was done a year ago in Atl, that other crap is Kiyah (below pic), wack . We spent hours trying to find this child a look and she still bites and don’t listen to a-list . She’s a year behind all of it . Crazy !, she would have been rocking it all before all if she listen ,now she looks like a knock off .

Wasn't that a wake up call. Her stylist went in and I told ya she was a follower!! The videos, the hair, moving to Cali to salvage what's left of her career and now the hair again.

I been onto you Cici. Your stylist is right, had you listened to her and chopped your hair a year ago, maybe your album would've sold 100,000 copies instead of 20,000 when it came out. I don't even think this album touched 100k yet let me stop. And the Hollywood life will spit you out whole if you become a nobody and mamas, you're hitting a dry spell!

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