Jul 20, 2009


Chris Brown has finally released a public apology about the Rihanna incident earlier this year.

It's getting mixed reactions.

Some say it wasn't from the heart and that it was written for him, others believe his sincerity.

You be the judge:

My initial reaction was that the apology was so staged. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was reading from a card, but then again, most important speeches or such are read off a teleprompter or card anyways; just because he is reading off one, doesn't mean he didn't write the apology or didn't mean it. I could sense he is utterly sorry. I dunno. I'm mixed on this I guess.

I'd like to hear what Rihanna has to say about the incident too and I'd like hear her address those "crazy jealous Island girl" rumors that people have been talking about.

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