Jul 15, 2009


According to Yahoo News via The Associated Press, a Russian-made Iranian passenger plane carrying 168 people crashed shortly after takeoff yesterday, nose-diving into a field northwest of the capital and shattering into flaming pieces.

All on board were killed in Iran's worst air disaster in six years, officials said.

Before crashing, the plane's tail was on fire as it circled in the air, one witness told The Associated Press.

The impact blasted a deep trench in the dirt field, which was littered with smoking wreckage, body parts and personal items from the Tupolev jet, according to photos from the scene. Firefighters put out the flaming wreckage, which officials said was strewn over a 200 yard area.

Iran has seen numerous crashes in recent years and its airlines have been plagued by maintenance problems. In part, Iranian carriers are chronically cashed-strapped and unable to buy new planes.

Another plane crash and here I am, writing another R.I.P. . .

I've been writing R.I.P's every week now.

This is definitely the most commercial plane crashes ever in a year. Is God trying to tell us something??

Lots of deaths & tragedies within the 2 months!!!

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