Jun 23, 2009


Famous blogger Perez Hilton, who's known for writing mean, awful yet truthful things on his blogs about celebrities in Hollywood and Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am's manager Polo Molina gave Perez a black eye during a fight other night outside of the Toronto Soho Met Hotel after the MuchMusic Awards!!


Here's footage from the altercation. You can't really see what happens but you can listen to the reactions:

Here are 2 videos of Perez's take on what happened. Man he's pissed. His eye looks less swollen the day after but, boy was it a shiner the day of:

I feel bad =(

And here is Will.I.Am's response:

Will's smart to talk about the issue right away before the media got wind of the story and screwed it all up.

Polo Molina was charged with assault after he turned himself in yesterday. As of press time, charges have not been filed against Will.I.Am.

Can't we all just get along!

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